for riders of every level. as the ideal training foundation.


From customised training to universal 24/7 support. SevereCoaching creates a plan for your requirements and goals.

Performance Testing

Various testing protocols: Lactate diagnostic, Critical Power analysis and more, providing a detailed physiological profile as a basis for purposeful training.

severe [adjective; english] – HARD, EXTREME, particularly for endurance training intensity.

Road Cycling specialisaton. Training with SevereCoaching combines practical experience and scienfitic expertise, developing plans for specific goals, long-term development or genereal fitness for ambitious athletes.  SevereCoaching revolutionses your training on our favourite two wheels.

Disciplin specific training. Training support is individually suited to certain disciplines. Whether you ride timetrials, crits or even cross-country marathons – the available options are fully convertible to satisfy riders from all cycling events.

Extensive nutritional guidance.  At request, your sport specific nutrition can be entirely optimised and planned. Everything is based on a comprehensive diagnostic that tests body composition/-fat, acidosis, muscle characteristics and individual metabolism.